Heartbreak | Shiny Days (Part 6) (AzzMan)

by Hans Fex

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About this project

The Story:

Meet Ida and Kumi: two young women who make their living buying, selling, and trading authentic collectibles from planet Earth, which was destroyed twenty years previously in a mysterious attack. They travel the galaxy in the Red Grapefruit, a salvaged alien ship, always seeking the big score that would let them settle down and live comfortably in the Charm Quadrant. Unfortunately, their days are more often filled with double-crossing clients, technological disasters, and sub-standard replicated nachos.

The Project

The goal of the Heartbreak Quadrant Kickstarter is to fund a print edition of the first issue. This issue is full color, oversized (10" x 10"), and more than double the length of a standard comic (54 pages of story). It's a "pilot episode" of sorts, giving you an introduction to the story and characters of Heartbreak Quadrant. You can check out 40+ pages of the story at heartbreakquadrant.tumblr.com. There is some violence and mild language, but it's definitely within the Teen+ rating zone.


I've spent the last couple of years developing and working on this issue, and it is now finished and ready for printing - all I need is your help in raising the funds to do it. In return, you can get a copy of the book, as well as prints, original art, and other bonuses. The story arc which begins here will encompass six issues, and the second issue is already underway (the first six pages of the second issue are drawn and inked), so if we make the first issue a success, it will help to keep the series going strong.

Risks & Challenges

The basic elements for the comic are all in place - the artwork is finished and ready, and I've been communicating with the printer I'll be working with to establish the costs. Producing the artwork for the premiums is the final component, but I don't foresee any issues completing those on time.


Pledge $ 10 or more

0 backers Limited (40 left of 40)

A pledge of $3.00 will get you a high-quality PDF of Heartbreak Quadrant #1, plus your name will be included in the thank-you page of the digital and print editions.

Estimated delivery:
Pledge $ 30 or more

0 backers Limited (20 left of 20)

This is the basic package: one copy of the print edition, 54 pages in full-color, 10" x 10" size. You also receive the high-res PDF via email and your name will appear on the thank you page of the digital and print editions. This package is $15 USD and includes domestic shipping (international shipping will be extra.)

Estimated delivery:

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