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by Harrison Thane

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About this project

SkyHeart is an all-ages graphic novel inspired by my favorite movies and comics. If you liked Miyazaki's Nausicaa, Star Wars, Tokien's The Hobbit, and Indiana Jones, then you just might become a fan of SkyHeart. 

SkyHeart will be a 7.5 x 10 inch 100+ page book that comes in both soft and hard cover editions. 

The book is being written and drawn by me and is scheduled to be finished in May of 2016, and shipped out to backers in October of 2016.

For years I've been developing this project on the side, but it was so big, and so involved that it scared me! I felt I wasn't ready to create this book. 

After years working in animation as a concept artist (Horton Hears a Who, Rio, Epic) and comics (Flight, Missile Mouse, Rocket Raccoon) my skills as an artist and storyteller got better. I feel like I'm finally at a level now where I can take on a project like this and do it justice.

The Idea for SkyHeart was planted in my imagination over 15 years ago while on a road trip though the Arizona desert. I imagined the desert floor vanishing, leaving only an abyss of clouds with the rock formations suspended above them in the air.

From that seed of an idea grew an entire world of characters and their struggles, with mythologies, cities, and technology fleshing out the rest of this universe.

I love classic tales of adventure, of good versus evil, and struggles with real consequences. Which is why I look to films like Star Wars, Nausicaa, Castle in the Sky, and Indiana Jones, and books like the Hobbit for inspiration. Just because a story is all-ages, doesn't mean I can't enjoy it as much as my kids do!

SkyHeart takes place on Airth, a world literally torn apart by a pre-historic war between the gods who created it. That war left the planet divided into 4 realms:

The Stratos, a chain of islands high in the sky where the Sylph people live.

The Rimland, a massive ring of continents and giant islands where most of the inhabitants of Airth live. Wake, our main protagonist, lives here.

The Abyss, a stretch of atmosphere filled with incredible cloud formations and tiny floating islands. Limberg and Grimm are from here. 

The Core, an ocean covered rocky sphere filled with colossal caves. The Tengru, monsters and beasts, and the Dark Lord live down here.

In that great ancient war, the beings of Light were able to defeat the Shadows and banish them to the core, but not without a great cost. Losing most of their godly energy, they left Airth to search the universe for more power. Their children stayed to protect what was left of Airth from the evil trapped in the core. 

Thousands of years later these pre-historic events have become myth, and the inhabitants of Airth are consumed with their own wars for power. 

However, deep in the core, the Shadows have not forgotten, and have begun sending their agents to the surface to harvest the people of their life force. Once enough of this power has been taken the Shadows will rise again to destroy the rest of Airth and start a new world.


Risks & Challenges

This is my third Kickstarter and I fully recognize that unforeseeable problems might pop up. From production delays to collaborator mishaps to malfunctions with the printing press any number of setbacks could arise and push the delivery date of this project back. However, with my experience in self publishing and comics I'm confident that any potential obstacles will be dealt with swiftly and professionally. I understand the faith that backers have in me and my project so I'll be very transparent with everything that goes into the production of this book by posting frequent and timely updates, and being quick to notify backers of any setbacks.


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ORIGINAL 11 X 17 SKYHEART PROMOTIONAL ART - 3 Exclusive 8 x 10 Prints - Signed & Numbered Hard Cover Copy of SkyHeart Book I: the Star Seed - An Exclusive Wallpaper Set featuring the promotional art for SkyHeart - Your name will be immortalized on the "Wall of Gratitude" page at!

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3 Exclusive 8 x 10 Prints - Signed & Numbered Hard Cover Copy of SkyHeart Book I: the Star Seed - An Exclusive Wallpaper Set featuring the promotional art for SkyHeart - Your name will be immortalized on the "Wall of Gratitude" page at

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