The Forgettable Dungeon gameplay: Memorable action-roguelike RPG

by Vivien Muller

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About this project

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Note: Beta is going to start THIS December, 2015 made a typo on the reward.

The Forgettable Dungeon is an online & offline cooperative dungeon crawler inspired by Zelda, roguelikes, and beat 'em up games.

Check out the Mindcrack guys playing, warning PG-13 language

My goal with this game is to combine elements from my favorite genres and games without losing what makes them unique. The complex interactions of a roguelike, the fun beat 'em up action from games like The Punisher and X-Men, and the exploration from games like Zelda.

All while keeping the core game simple and intuitive. You can interact with almost every object in the environment, and you must use them in creative ways to stay alive.

Current platforms are PC & Linux, and the game will be coming to Steam.

Online cooperative gameplay: Team up and take on the dungeon with up to 15 of your friends! The game is primarily balanced for 1 to 4 players but will dynamically change to suit how many people you bring on your journey.

2 to 4 Player offline split screen: The return of the couch co-op experience! Team up with up to 4 players locally, and re-live the days long past. Requires 4 controllers. ( Note: Split screen is currently windows only but is planned for linux )

Real time combat inspired by Zelda & beat 'em up games: Hack slash and charge your way through your enemies! You can pick up almost every object in the world and beat monsters over the head with it. You can also throw objects from afar in classic beat 'em up fashion!

Permadeath: Death is the end and there is no coming back! Even in co-op, once the last player dies you can never return to the same dungeon again. But don't worry you can revive your teammates by carrying their corpse down the ladder, or finding powerful magic. If you fail they'll be trapped in a coffin on the next floor.

Procedural dungeons & randomized items: Every time you play it's a new experience! The dungeons are procedurally generated, the items and monsters are randomly placed. On top of that each time you play you'll have to figure out what each magical potion and scroll does!

Custom characters & skinning system: You can easily create your own character using the in game character editor. It'll even be sent over the network so other players can view it! The entire dungeon, monsters, and items are all reskinnable as well. Each model is simply a 2D PNG sprite file easily editable by most programs.

Voxel art style, destruction, & physics: The look of the game is inspired by one of my favorite games 3D Dot Game Heroes. Almost every object in the dungeon can be destroyed, and pixel debris are physically simulated for more fun.

Risks & Challenges

All projects have risks. Right now the core of the game is done and the remaining themes, monsters, and items are planned out. Video games are complex and shipping on time can be challenging. Games with a heavy focus on procedural content carry more risks. However, the core of the game is playable and the hard technical problems have been solved. Life can be a bit crazy and unpredictable but I am committed to getting this game out no matter what.


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