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by Hans Fex

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About this project

Bring 'action' to collectible card games: With the inclusion of a turn-based 3D combat system, we are excited to bring more action and tactical thinking to the battlefield, upending many conventions of traditional card games. Every card is more than a means for achieving victory: it's also part of a living, breathing world. This also plays to our studio’s experience in making AAA action games.

Design for deep CCG strategy: The combination of tactical action with familiar CCG strategy opens the door to a new kind of adventure game. We are happy that the creator of Ascension and Solforge, Justin Gary and his team at Stone Blade have joined us to add their decades of experience playing and designing CCGs to our own. Together we are exploring this new frontier and discovering new possibilities for rich gameplay.

Create an expansive world rich in culture--both magical and familiar: We are passionate game developers.  We want that to shine through in Labyrinth. In crafting the diverse world of Hylea, whether we are describing the Cosmos and creation story of Starfall or the jewelry of a Giant from the Northern Clans, we strive to have our passion and attention to detail reflect in every facet of story and art. 

Build a game that will last for decades: First and foremost, Labyrinth is a collectible card game. With their hallmarks of creative play, endless combinations, meta-game thinking and the potential for vast expansion, CCGs offer the best and longest-lasting experiences in gaming. We've captured these proven qualities and folded them into an exciting new game.

The Four Disciplines of Magic
The disciplines of magic in Labyrinth each correspond to energy drawn from a different source within the Cosmos.  They grant their wielders unique abilities that define a particular style of play.

Practitioners of Warfare magic draw their power from the Spirit plane, a realm ruled by the eternal souls of ancient warlords. Warriors enhance their strength by channeling the might of their heroic ancestors. Warfare prefers a strategy that dominates through brute strength and outlasts with sheer indomitable will.

Wizards, Sorcerers, and Arcanists draw energy from the Elemental plane, a swirling and chaotic maelstrom of raw energy and matter, inhabited by strange animate essences of Fire, Frost, Air, and Earth. Wizardry combines these primal forces to form hulking monstrosities, or it unleashes their raw power with devastating torrents of magic. Wizards wield the most powerful effects in the game, but at the expense of endurance.

The Cosmos of Labyrinth

A great crack tore open the sky. As the farthest reaches of the realm shook with unnatural thunder, thousands of eyes looked up to see their peaceful night shattered into a shimmering prismatic storm. From a fissure in the heart of the tempest, a white star streaked, trailing fire and glowing brighter as it plummeted. Where it crashed to earth it swept into being an enormous crater that crackled and thrummed with otherworldly power.

In time, the crater was filled by the water of the Jarum river, and became a great lake. The first visitors were pilgrims following the path of the star, which they named the Prophet’s Tear. They soon discovered that the site was laced with a powdery substance that granted strange and extraordinary powers. They also found the Keyrifts--tiny bubbles in reality through which they could peer into other dimensions. As word spread of these discoveries, a sprawling city began to spring up around the rim of the crater: the City of Starfall.

Risks & Challenges

Every game development project comes with its own set of unexpected challenges. Labyrinth is currently in a pre-alpha state. This means that we have proven the core concepts through paper design and playtesting, and we have translated the fundamentals to a digital form. However, many large features have yet to be implemented. In the process of doing so, inevitably we will encounter areas where the paper design isn't the best fit. On the flip side, we will also find new ideas worth exploring that make the game stronger as a whole. All of these considerations mean that it is a challenge to lock down future realities like release dates. At times, it can be like steering a rocket from a saddle on its back. The primary objective is always to create the best and most polished experience possible, while staying true to a vision for the game and a well-reasoned schedule. Having said that, we are a tight team of dedicated and experienced creators, and these kinds of challenges are part of the reason why we got into the field in the first place. A game like Labyrinth requires much more financing than we are asking for in order to fund the entire development. We have already spent a year and a half of our own time, effort, and profits (from making other games) on developing Labyrinth, getting all the way to it’s current pre-alpha state. The goal amount we are asking for in the Kickstarter will allow us to release the basic game as we have outlined above. Any stretch goals we reach will allow us to add more content, game modes, and features.


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