G-RO: Revolutionary Carry-on Luggage

by Harrison Thane

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About this project

About this project

Blue-Red G-RO
Blue-Red G-RO
Stealth Black G-RO
Stealth Black G-RO

G-RO is the world's first bag in a whole new category: it's a companion bag—a bag specifically designed to accompany on-the-go people, whether they are traveling around the block or around the globe. 

We all know travel can be a hassle. The more you do it, the more tiring and frustrating it becomes. To get from here to there, too many of us depend on inferior bags, travel gear and accessories. 

So, we set out to design a bag that is better than anything else available. Here are six reasons we think G-RO really is different, and better, than any other bag:

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It's a new kind of crossover bag: a companion bag. We designed it for on-the-go people to be large enough to take on a week-long trip yet maneuverable, durable and light enough for your daily commute.


All other rolling luggage is basically a box on casters. Their little wheels break more often; they travel badly over bumps, bricks, grates, snow and sand; they weaken the luggage design with more rivets, screws and reinforcements; they require more parts to assemble and break; they reduce the available volume; and they often cause awkward nooks in the interior space.  

But because of our ingenious patented wheel design, G-RO:  

  • feels lighter: the center of gravity of the load is closer of the center of the wheels;
  • rolls easier: the big wheels perform so much better over all terrains, and glide effortlessly on smooth surfaces;
  • lasts longer: the case and wheels are integrally designed and reinforce each other; 
  • packs smarter: there's more interior space than other bags of similar weight and volume;
  • looks better: form follows function, and these wheels tell you this is smart design.


Our aircraft-grade aluminum handle is longer and stronger, too. It extends six inches further than the industry standard, with stops at multiple levels for people of all heights. This gives you better leverage than other rollaboards, and makes it extra comfortable to pull your G-RO.


We designed G-RO from the strongest and smartest materials:

  • Ballistic nylon
  • Aerospace and firearm-grade polymers
  • Top-quality YKK nylon zippers with a unique (and patented) "roller coaster" design that distributes any stress
  • Waterproof base and arched belly to stay dry and avoid scrapes.


  • A spacious interior compartment for personal items
  • A compartment for work items — and it can charge your laptop while you travel
  • An easy access pocket for carry-on liquids
  • A personal pocket for essentials.


G-RO has a built-in tablet stand and charging station with two USB ports. And with the Optional Electronic Module, your G-RO has:

  • A battery with enough juice (23,000 mAh) to charge your phone, tablet and laptop all at once—that's enough power to charge your smartphone 10X
  • A universal power outlet to charge your laptop
  • A location tracker
  • A wireless proximity detector.


Most luggage is literally a drag. Back in 1596, the term “luggage” was coined from the word “lug” which means “to drag.” Surprisingly, over 400 years later, most of us are still lugging around our bags. Rollaboards were developed in the 1980's, but their small wheels, while an improvement, still haven’t done much to make a bag feel lighter.

Take a look at our wheels and we think you'll see why they work so much better:

G-RO's wheels make the bag to feel lighter while also being more spacious and more durable.

Because of their large diameter, the wheels support the load closer to its center of gravity, so your bag balances better and feels significantly lighter when you pull it. 

G-RO glides easily over any kind of terrain—cobblestones, curbs, steps, gravel, snow, sand.

Because our wheels are on the outside of the bag, our bag offers a larger packable spacecompared to typical rolling bags.

Our wheels are made of super strong aerospace and firearm-grade polymers that strengthen the walls of the bag. Unlike traditional bags, the wheels are the strength of this bag—not the weakness.


G-RO's aircraft grade aluminum four-stage telescoping handle is more than six inches longerthan the industry standard! The handle stops at multiple levels and is great for people of all heights. It provides better leverage and comfort.


The body of G-RO is made of high quality Cordura ballistic nylon and mold-injected aerospace-grade polymers. It’s crush proof and water resistant, keeping your belongings safe and sound.

The zippers are high quality YKK zippers.  G-RO’s unique “roller coaster” zipper design helps distribute any stress across the zipper, creating a longer zipper life.


G-RO’s arched belly design ensures the bag doesn’t scrape on the ground. 

To protect your items from water damage, G-RO's bottom protective panel consists of a plastic shell over a waterproof, plastic-coated ballistic nylon textile to ensure that nothing gets wet. 


G-RO has an internal compartment for your personal items and an external compartment for your work items, because no one likes to show their “unmentionables” at a business meeting (or at least most people).

G-RO helps your private items stay private, but gives you immediate easy access to the items you need while traveling or working. 


G-RO’s spacious and private interior compartment is flat-backed for easier packing. It includes: 

  • A detachable flat packing divider for items you want to keep separate or wrinkle-free, 
  • Plenty of mesh pockets for packing options, 
  • A removable garment bag for your dress clothes. 


Ever feel like you’re blindly fishing for items in your bag? G-RO solves that problem with its organized, easy-access external compartment. It includes padded pockets for your 15” laptop and plenty of other places for your tablet, papers, pens, etc. 

With G-RO's Optional Electronic Module, you can charge your laptop while it's in the laptop pocket by connecting your laptop charger to the universal power outlet located at the bottom of the compartment. See the "Optional Electronic Module" section for more details.


Breeze through security with this waterproof pocket, especially designed to fit your carry-on liquids.


This easy access pocket holds your passport or any other essential items you want to keep safe and close to you. 


A Built-In Charging Station is built into the top of each G-RO. This waterproof charging station includes: 

  • 2 iPad-strength USB outlets 
  • Space for small cables or pens

NOTE: To charge your devices from the Built-In Charging Station, you must first purchase and connect the G-RO Optional Electronic Module or your own portable charger to the charging cables located in G-RO’s interior compartment. See the "Optional Electronic Module" section below for details.

Built-In Charging Station. *Cable not included.
Built-In Charging Station. *Cable not included.

When open, the Built-In Charging Station functions as a tablet stand! 

Built-In Tablet Stand
Built-In Tablet Stand


The Optional Electronic Module (a $175 value) includes:

  • A 23,000 mAh battery
  • 2 USB ports (that connect to built-in wires, which power the Built-In Charging Station on the top of the bag)
  • 1 universal power outlet (that fits a three prong laptop plug)
  • A location tracker 
  • A proximity detector

With G-RO’s Optional Electronic Module, you can charge your laptop, tablet and smartphone all at once.

To purchase this Optional Electronic Module, add $99 for each unit at on the final pledge screen.

*Universal power outlet extension cord provided with Optional Electronic Module.
*Universal power outlet extension cord provided with Optional Electronic Module.
The Optional Electronic Module plugs into 2 USB cords, located in the bottom pocket of the bag. These cords run through the interior of the bag and connect to and power the Built-In Charging Station at the top of the bag.
The Optional Electronic Module plugs into 2 USB cords, located in the bottom pocket of the bag. These cords run through the interior of the bag and connect to and power the Built-In Charging Station at the top of the bag.

Because we’re confident in G-RO’s durability and we think it will stay with you for years, we chose not to build the Optional Electronic Module into the bag. We realize that electronics often need an upgrade or need to be replaced. We also wanted to give you the option of using the module outside of G-RO! 


The Optional Electronic Module's 23,000 mAh battery is strong enough to charge your smartphone up to 10 times! 


G-RO's Optional Electronic Module uses GSM-GPRS technology for location tracking and Bluetooth Smart/Bluetooth Low Energy technology for proximity detection. Any connected device can then be used to track the global location and proximity of your G-RO. 

You’ll never lose your G-RO or have to join the crowd at the baggage carousel unnecessarily. You'll be alerted if the bag gets too far away from you. 

Our app is compatible with iOS and Android smart phones that support BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). 

The exact specifications are subject to minor changes as we optimize the design for mass production. The weight and capacity are based on computer generated analysis.
The exact specifications are subject to minor changes as we optimize the design for mass production. The weight and capacity are based on computer generated analysis.

After the campaign ends, we will send out a survey so you can choose your color.

Shipping Rates

We offer FREE SHIPPING to the United States. For the rest of the world, please check your shipping rate on the check-out menu while backing the project.


We designed and build G-RO to last a lifetime and we stand behind the quality and durability of our products. If your bag ever breaks down, just ship it back to us. We'll either repair it or replace it, and return it to you. It's our lifetime guarantee to you.


The latest “game-changing” luggage configuration - the four-wheel “spinner“ luggage with 360 degree turning capabilities, was introduced globally by Samsonite in 1990, more than 25 years ago, but the problem with four-wheel luggage is that it doesn’t really work anywhere except on a perfectly flat surface.

More than half of the time people carry their four-wheeled bags in a tilted position, because it’s far more comfortable. If you’re moving over a rough surface, it’s impossible to pull a four-wheeled bag. You’re basically just dragging the weight. Ergonomically, it’s better for you to have the bag pulled slightly behind you than directly at your side. In tight spaces, it’s nearly impossible to roll a bag by your side, so four-wheel users tilt the bag and pull it behind themselves to cut through a crowd. Lastly, if the bag is heavy, maneuvering it can become tiring on the wrist, and with today’s mega terminals, it can be hard to push them for long distances.

Besides the impracticality of using a four-wheel bag in many scenarios, the four-wheel bags have wheels that protrude and therefore are more likely to catch and break. It’s particularly inconvenient when it’s the ones you need for walking with the bag tilted. Lastly, despite these negatives, one still must pay a 20-30% premium price for these four-wheeled models.

We've now finalized our G-RO prototype, but moving to the production phase requires significant capital and scale. We need your help to finance the required tooling and meet minimum order quantities. We've spent months and months working out the tiniest and biggest details of this project, and are very excited about finally having the opportunity to bring the comfort and beauty of G-RO to each one of you.

Kickstarter is a proven start-up platform, whose community of “early adopters” vets, funds and helps refine new products and services in an efficient, timely manner. The traditional retail model involving distributors, middlemen and retail outlets is costly and adds no value to the actual product or service around which the manufacturer/customer relationship is formed. In fact, it is a major impediment for entrepreneurs, who want to realize their vision for a new consumer product. Therefore, we highly value the Kickstarter community and its role in supporting innovation and hope that together we can launch G-RO.

Risks & Challenges

While manufacturing a product has become easier in today's well-connected world, it’s still quite a complex challenge. To best prepare for the challenges ahead, we've partnered with supply chain and manufacturing experts and have recruited advisers and board members, who can provide expert advice and help us tackle challenges in production, engineering and retail management. We have developed our plan for manufacturing in Asia and for shipping to our backers around the world. We have sourced the factories for all of G-RO’s major components. For the last five years, we've been developing long-term working relationships with these manufacturers, and they have been invaluable and active partners during our prototype development phase. They have approved the G-RO design for its manufacturability and are committed to its success. During the production process, we expect to make minor changes to optimize the design for mass production. On the logistics side, we have established partnerships with a US fulfillment house and international shippers to help the G-ROs get to where they’re going quickly and safely. Although it's difficult to plan for every unforeseen circumstance, such as political or economic events that might delay production or delivery, we've created contingency plans should these type of problems arise. Nevertheless, we are certain to face unexpected challenges throughout this journey and will do our best to solve them quickly. We pledge to keep our backers well-informed in a timely manner throughout the entire production process and to do everything we can to deliver the G-ROs to you as planned.


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